Eye Treatment for Baggy Eyes


It isn’t necessary to head to the beauty counter in your local department store and spend hundreds of dollars on baggy eye remedies. Many natural treatments for baggy eyes are optimally effective and minimally expensive. And while chronically baggy eyes may require more stringent approaches, commercial eye creams are just as ineffective at treating them as any other topical remedy.


Baggy eyes can be the result of any number of factors: water retention, toxicity, weather changes, hormones, illness or allergic reaction.

However, if you suffer from chronically baggy eyes, the condition may be hereditary and less susceptible to ordinary topical and dietary treatments. Similarly, chronically baggy eyes may be due to an underlying condition such as thyroid dysfunction or diabetes and require a physician's attention.

Internal Treatment

People most often turn to topical treatments for baggy eyes. However, changing your diet can be an effective tool for combating baggy eyes no matter what the cause.

By drinking adequate amounts of water, you will keep your body hydrated and help it to flush out toxins. Increased water consumption, although it sounds counterintuitive, will help reduce any water retention. Caffeine and salt can also cause water retention, so it is best to reduce their presence in your body.

A nutritionally balanced diet can also help alleviate baggy eyes by eliminating toxins, maintaining hormone balance and helping the body to combat illness.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments can be used in conjunction with diet change to combat baggy eyes.

Popular and effective natural treatments are cucumbers, lavender, ice packs or tea bags applied to the bags in the morning and evening to reduce swelling.

Another more stringent, and less natural, treatment for baggy eyes is the application of hemorrhoid cream.

Procedures and Surgery

For some, especially those who suffer from chronic baggy eyes, topical treatments and diet change may not be enough to fix the problem. Luckily, there are a few procedures that offer a more permanent solution.

The area under the eye can be injected with restylane, which decreases sagging for anywhere from six to nine months before another treatment is needed. Also, a surgery called blepharoplasty--essentially an undereye lift--permanently removes baggy skin under the eyes.

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