How to Make Sperm More Fertile?


Male virility is something most people take for granted in the process of human procreation. Whenever a couple are having trouble conceiving, it is almost always the woman that goes to be checked first. What surprises a lot of men is that their sperm are not as potent as they thought they were. There are some simple steps to help improve a man's fertility.

Loosen Up

Believe it or not, wearing those tight jeans or pants may very well be hurting your sperm. Nature designed the testicles to hang outside the body for a reason. The internal body temperature kills sperm. Sperm must be kept cooler to survive. So by scrunching up your testicles next to your body, either by wearing form-fitting underwear or tight pants, you are increasing the temperature of your scrotum and therefore killing your sperm. So wear boxers and relaxed fit pants, and let your parts keep some air between them and the rest of your body.

Less Stress

Stress takes a toll on your whole body, sperm included. When the body is fatigued, hormones are not produced properly, and imbalances can occur. Without healthy hormones, you cannot have healthy sperm, as hormones control their production as well as motility. Stress in men can often be relieved through exercises and--as fate would have it--through sex. Getting good, quality sleep is important as well. So get more exercise, have more sex and sleep better. All these things will improve your stress level and help boost your sperm production.

Diet and Nutrition

There is no doubt that improving your diet improves your sperm health and volume. Eating more vegetables that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals, as well as taking a multivitamin are musts when you want to increase the amount of your fertile sperm. In additions, essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, as well as amino acids such as L-Arginine are a must to have in your diet when you are boosting your sperm. These are the building blocks of sperm production. Another important factor--water intake. Those sperm need plenty of fluid to swim in, so make sure your body stays hydrated. Six to eight glasses of water a day are very important.

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