What Can I Eat on Herbalife Diet?


Herbalife International is a global company that produces a series of products designed to help people achieve healthy nutrition, lose weight and take care of their skin. Many people choose to go on the Herbalife diet to loose excess weight and reach their ideal size successfully. As with any diet, the Herbalife diet needs to be properly researched before a person decides to use it. A physician should be consulted for safety purposes before going on any type of diet, including the Herbalife one.

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The Herbalife diet is unique in that it doesn't lay down a set of specific rules or instructions to people who choose to partake. There is no specific outline of what a person must eat or drink during the course of a day. Rather, there are a number of recommended products that people can use to achieve these goals. The Herbalife diet also does not have a specific time requirement people must follow. A person simply goes on the Herbalife diet until he has reached his ideal weight, at which point he can resume eating normal nutritious foods once again.

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People on the Herbalife diet consume a number of Herbalife nutritional products in substitution of regular meals. These products can be purchased on the Herbalife website at http://www.lifemania.com. Most people choose to drink one of the many flavors of Herbalife protein drinks. Each one of these drinks is to be taken as a substitute for one regular meal throughout the course of a day. In general, for breakfast and lunch a person would drink a protein shake and then for dinner have a regular, nutritious meal.

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The Herbalife diet is one of the more expensive diets on the market today. The average person will spend between $4 and $5 per day while on this specific diet. This has led to a number of criticisms that the Herbalife diet exists specifically to make money and not to help the people engaged in it.

The Herbalife diet can be costly depending on how long you choose to follow the regimen
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