Ways to Lose Weight in One Hour


Is it possible to lose weight doing something that only takes an hour? Yes it is, and if you follow a good diet and exercise plan then you can keep that weight you burn in an hour off for good. Even if you lose a half a pound at a time, if you do it often enough it can add up to significant weight loss. Discuss your weight loss plans with your doctor to get advice on how to stay healthy while losing weight by the hour.

Lose Weight At Work

Ways to lose weight are all around you; all you need to do is take advantage of them. When you are on the phone at work, don't just sit at your desk, get up and pace around. If you need a phone headset to move freely, ask the company for one, or invest in one yourself. Every few minutes take the time to do twists side to side at your desk. Instead of that doughnut, grab an orange. Instead of the third cup of coffee in the morning with cream and sugar, have a bottle of water instead. Instead of using the phone or computer to talk to someone 10 yards away in a different cubicle, get up and walk over to them. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and take a walk on your lunch hour. All of these activities combined can help you lose weight every hour you are at work.

Walk If You Cannot Run

People sometimes take walking granted and feel that jogging is the only effective way to lose weight. Plan a walk around your area that will take you at least an hour to complete. Most people can complete a two mile walk in an hour, so plan your walk to be one mile out and one mile back. If you feel you can do more, then plan for more. Plan to have a break at the half-way point, but only rest for five minutes. Keep a brisk walking pace but avoid jogging. For many people the idea of jogging for an hour seems unrealistic. However, a brisk walk for an hour can burn as many as 350 to 400 calories and help you lose weight in a short period of time.

Play Sports

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to someone losing weight in an hour is loss of interest. A walk is nice, but after 20 minutes many people may find themselves bored and relaxing their pace. Sports fans can lose weight in an hour by using a sporting activity that can keep their interest and help them shed the pounds. Find a high wall to hit a tennis ball against with a tennis racket for an hour. Put together a game of two-hand touch football, soccer or even street hockey. Activities such as baseball and golf are fun, but they will not give you that blast of activity you need to lose weight quickly. Be safe, play by the rules and make sure that everyone has a good time. You will lose weight playing sports for an hour, and you may even find a way to make it a regular event.

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