Tips on Sticking Wall Stickers


Wall stickers have become a substitute for, or a temporary solution to, using wallpaper to decorate a room. They enhance the decorative elements without the commitment of wallpaper. Other wall stickers are used for promotional materials for businesses. Regardless of the application, applying wall stickers is an easy process, but does require a bit of preparation and patience.

Prepare your wall

A wall sticker is generally part of the decorative scheme of a room. Be sure the color on the wall is the color you would like for the background of your sticker. Think about the colors of the sticker and how the color of the wall will look with this sticker. It is much easier to paint the wall before the sticker has been applied. Once a color has been chosen, wash the wall. Using a damp sponge, wipe the wall, making sure any dust is removed, to create an ideal surface for the sticker to be applied. Let the wall dry thoroughly before applying the sticker.

Arrange the stickers

Wall stickers are difficult to remove and replace once they've been applied to the wall. Lay out your design and the placement of the stickers before applying them to the walls. Using painter's tape, apply the stickers with their backing intact to the wall. When arranging the stickers for the final composition, see how they relate to each other on the wall. Avoid having them too close or apart. Draw registration marks with a pencil along the edge of the backing. These will be used to placing the stickers on the wall.

Applying the stickers

Once the wall is clean and dryl, begin applying the stickers to the wall. Remove the backing and situate on the wall using the registration marks. Keeping the other stickers attached to the wall with the painters tape and apply one sticker at a time. Make sure the sticker is thoroughly smoothed without air bubblea. Start at one edge of the sticker, smoothing with the side of your hand, pushing air bubbles out as the sticker is applied. Once this is complete, rub across the entire sticker with a hard, flat object, like a squeegee, to properly secure the sticker. Remove the top layer from the sticker once it is thoroughly applied to the wall. If the stickers are large, it's best to work with another person. Avoid letting the sticker stick to itself once the backing is removed. Peel away part of the backing first and peel away more as the sticker is applied.

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