How Can I Tell If a Cat is Ready to Mate?


A female cat will come into heat, meaning she will be ready to mate, as early as four months of age. Usually cats go into heat seasonally in the summer when there is more light. Her heat cycle will last four to six days and may occur every two to three weeks. This time frame varies from cat to cat.

First Signs

Your female cat will begin heat by rubbing her ears, head and bottom on objects around the house, other cats and pet owners. She will be extremely affectionate.

Mating Position

She will begin to go into mating position by sticking her rear up with her tail in the air. She will pace around in the same place in circles.


Your cat will spray urine on vertical objects in the house such as walls and the sides of furniture. She most likely won't spray on the floor and carpets. She will lift her tail and spray out from her body, producing a pungent-smelling urine full of estrogen to attract male cats.

The Call

Cats in heat are known for their long, yowling call to mate. They are letting male cats in the area know that they are ready to mate. The call is very distinctive. This will continue until mating has occurred.

Male Cats Respond

Male cats can always mate, but are waiting for the female to be in heat. Once a male cat smells and hears your female in heat, he will become more restless and will spray around the house. He also may have a responding call to your female and will become more aggressive and territorial, wanting to claim the female for himself before another cat comes along.

After Mating

Once cats have mated, the female will go out of heat and be satisfied. If she is not pregnant, she may go into heat again in a few weeks.

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