How Do I Get a Background Check in Texas?


You can get background checks in Texas using different sources. For instance, major counties provide information about civil and criminal cases through their websites, such as A background check regarding an individual can reveal criminal activity that occurred in Texas, verify legal status, or confirm past residential addresses.


Before seeking a background check, determine your desired results so that you utilize an effective source. When researching potential employees, you might select a comprehensive source of information that can confirm driver’s license, Social Security number and work authorization validity in the United States. If you are a landlord, you can focus on credit history to assess the risk of accepting a new tenant. In Texas, legitimate gun sellers require background checks before selling guns, as criminals only can purchase guns five years after parole. Also, searching for past lawsuit filings can help you determine if a person has been frequently associated with trouble.


Significant information is available to the public for free. For instance, the Texas Department of Public Safety ( provides listings of sex offenders and criminal convictions. County records disclose information about property owners (e.g., to confirm a person’s address), liens or debts, arrests and convictions. If you need information about a person’s credit history, then companies such as, and offer credit reports that highlight debts and obligations. Thus, you can request a credit report and determine if a person has significant outstanding debt. Search Texas processional licenses through (lawyers), (medical), or (dentist). You might find desired results by entering a person’s name into a search engine.

Fee Based

If you need quick results in as little as a few minutes, then use fee-based websites like,, or While you must provide at least the last name of the person being searched for, you can obtain information from across the entire state. Additional information, such as the first name, city of residence in Texas or date of birth will help narrow the results. The cost of an online search will vary by source and frequency. For example, you will pay more for a one-time search than if you pay in bulk for several searches. You also can hire a Texas private investigator or attorney (at a higher rate than using a commercial website) to conduct thorough searches, such as of relatives and aliases.

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