Nightclub Safety Rules

Atlanta Nightclub on Friday Night
Atlanta Nightclub on Friday Night

Nightclubs are a popular destination for many young people. Protecting yourself while having a good time is important, especially in today's world.

In February 2003, The Station nightclub broke out in fire in West Warwick, RI. It was a disaster of historical proportion, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Because of such disasters, more people have become aware of the need for nightclub safety rules.

Have a Plan

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, having a plan on where to meet in the event you become separated from your friends is a critical element in nightclub safety (reference 1).

Designate a driver before going out to the club. One person should volunteer to resist the temptation of drinking. Taking turns is a fair way to designate a driver.

Be familiar with exits. Knowing where the closest exit is located, at all times, can expedite your exit in the event of an emergency. Should a fire break out, exit immediately. Do not stay behind for others, who are most likely they are on the way out as well.

In the event an emergency occurs, have a plan of whom you will contact, including the closest security guard. You should always know the quickest way to get to a security guard or the security desk if the club has one. This is also good to know in case you lose anything. A security desk is the most likely place someone would have returned an item to.

Drinking at Nightclubs

Nightclubs are notorious for drinking. Drinking is fine if you're of legal age, but limit drinking so you always maintain control of your actions.

Never leave your drink unattended. Leaving your drink, even for a few seconds, could allow someone time to lace it. In this case, you're better safe than sorry.

Drinking can have different effects on people. Some become relaxed while others become violent. Keep your distance from people you do not know.

If you feel you have had too much alcohol or your designated driver has had too much alcohol, call a taxi service. Leaving by taxi is the smartest choice and can save lives.

Additional Information

If you see anyone who appears to be in trouble, be a good Samaritan and help them out. Women are especially prone to being victims at nightclubs. Being the victim could mean having unwanted sexual advances or even being spoken to in a rude manner.

If a fight breaks out, look for security. Trying to step in and break things up could only make things worse. Running the risk of your own safety is not necessary.

Remember that tips are the main source of income for bartenders, valets, and waiters. The average rate is 15 percent, however 20 percent is appropriate for exceptional service.

Lastly, follow your instincts. If you do not feel safe, do not stay there. Check the exterior and interior of the building to ensure it's not too crowded. Check for appropriate safety features that should be easily visible, such as fire sprinklers and lighted exit signs.

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