Homemade Parakeet Toys

Close-up of parakeet ringing toy bell in cage.
Close-up of parakeet ringing toy bell in cage. (Image: Lusyaya/iStock/Getty Images)

Parakeets are intelligent and active birds who require toys to ensure they remain mentally stimulated. Fortunately, you can build your own toys that will keep your pet busy for hours. By harnessing a little creativity, you can create a nearly infinite variety of parakeet toys, with only a modest investment of time and money.

Basic Concepts

You want to provide your parakeet with toys that he can manipulate in a variety of ways, but that do not represent a safety hazard. You can make a variety of mobile-like toys by attaching interesting items to strings. Hang the strings so that they dangle in various places throughout the cage. Alternatively, you can make a variety of ladder-like toys by combining two lengths of string with rungs made of tongue depressors, chopsticks or small wooden dowels. Consider attaching mirrors and shiny objects to various portions of the ladder for additional appeal.

Safe and Fun Materials

Many common objects can be repurposed and used as parakeet toys. For example, poker chips, wooden spools and key rings are often popular with pets. Use different types of cords to attach these items together. Birds see colors well, so try to use materials in a wide range of colors. Various metal clips make great additions to parakeet toys and allow you to attach them to different portions of the cage easily. Avoid metal items that contain lead or zinc, which may cause your parakeet to become ill. Natural materials, such as manzanita branches and sandblasted grapevine can be incorporated into homemade toys as well. You can cut these items to the desired size with a small handsaw.

Individual Considerations

Parakeets are individuals who exhibit different tendencies and preferences. Do not be dismayed if your parakeet does not make use of your first few offerings, as it may take a few tries to create something he likes. Some parakeets may prefer manipulating small toys, while others prefer toys that provide climbing opportunities. Take note of the items your parakeet likes, such as the color, materials and design. These types of observations will help you to make better toys in the future.

Safety First

Avoid using painted items, paint or glue unless you can verify that they are nontoxic. Do not provide your pet with anything small enough that he can swallow. Additionally, refrain from using items such as plastic foam that may break apart, yielding pieces that your budgie could eat. Some items, such as small metal bells, may have thin openings that may ensnare your parakeet’s feet, which could lead to significant injuries.

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