Homemade Formula for Weed Killer


Many commercial weed killers are available today. Although they may be effective, many people prefer to make their own. Making homemade weed killer can save money, and you can experiment with different homemade formulas to find out which works best for your yard.


  • Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on the weeds near the roots. Get as close to the bottom of the plant/roots as you can, otherwise you may just kill the leaves, rather than the actual weed itself.


  • Pouring bleach on weeds will kill them quickly. However, you must first make sure it is legal to use bleach in your yard, as the bleach may drain into the ground and contaminate the water system. If you are permitted to use bleach, use gloves and a mask over your face.

Boiling Water

  • A simple homemade weed killer is boiling water. Use this for weeds that come up between cracks in the sidewalk or pavement. Simply pour the hot water over the weeds you want to eliminate. Be careful not to get boiling water on any plants you want to keep.

Dish Soap Solution

  • Mix three parts dishwashing liquid to one part water in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray the solution on the weeds. As with the vinegar, spray close to the roots so that you kill the entire weed, not just the leaves. For a stronger solution, mix the dish soap with vinegar rather than water. This will kill the weeds even faster.

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