Games to Play at Stagettes or Bridal Showers


Many traditional bridal shower games exist out there. However, when planning your next bridal shower or stagette, consider new and innovative games that bring out the true personality of your bride-to-be. For bridal showers, you can use the games as a way to learn more about the guest of honor and her guests. Additionally, you can use games as a way for guests to win prizes and gifts. For stagette parties, games with cameras and to-do lists always lead to an amusing and entertaining event.

Consider innovative games for your next bridal shower or stagette.
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Play a game similar to the classic television show called “The Newlywed Game”. Prior to the shower, the coordinator asks the groom-to-be specific questions about his partner. Keep those answers hidden from the bride-to-be. At the shower, the bride-to-be is asked the same questions. The humor happens when the answers are quite different. Questions can include: What is your partner’s favorite food? What annoys you most about your partner? What is your partner’s favorite song? Where did you go on your first date? What was the first meal you ate together? What is your partner's favorite movie? What drink does your partner typically order? How many times does your partner hit snooze in the morning? Does your partner like to control the radio in the car? What is your partner's favorite sports team?

Put a twist on the classic "Newlywed Game".
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Another game includes a questionnaire for the guests of the shower. Have pre-printed forms ready for the guests to fill out with questions about the soon-to-be-wed couple. Assign one point to each question answered correctly. The winner of the game wins a prize and the ability to say she knows the couple best! Questions can include: What are the names of the bride's parents? Where did the couple meet? What is the groom's favorite ice cream flavor? What was each of their's first job out of college/high school? Did they ever have the chicken pox? Does the bride like to drink coffee or tea or both? Does the groom have any tattoos?

Another game includes a fun questionnaire for guests of the shower.
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A final game you can play at a bridal shower is a visual memory game. Prior to the shower, create a board of pictures that has two sets of each picture. Use pictures from childhood of the bride and groom. Cover each picture with a post-it.

Have the guests divide into two teams. Taking turns between teams, have one player try to match the pictures. If the team gets the right match, its players continue. If they do not get a match, the turn goes to the other team. The team who gets the most matches wins a prize.

Play a visual memory game.
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Have a small purse full of little pieces of paper and a few pens ready prior to the party. At the start of the party, have each guest write on a piece of paper a "task" that the bride must complete by the end of the night. Keep all the "tasks" together in a purse. Throughout the night, have the bride pick one randomly out of the purse. The bride then has to complete the task. Once the task is completed, the bride can throw out that paper and move on to the next assigned task.

Tasks can include: Ask a complete stranger to dance with you. Lick the glass of someone at the bar that you do not know. Get a stranger to give you his cell phone to make a call.

For the bride's safety, make sure she's supervised and protected throughout the tasks. To keep the celebration happy for her, make sure the tasks don't go overboard.

Assign the bride random tasks such as "Lick the glass of someone at the bar that you do not know".
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Another game to try is a version of the alphabet game. The goal is for the bride to meet 26 people in the evening whose name begins with a different letter of the alphabet. Be sure to bring a camera along for this so you can photograph each of the new "friends" you meet. Also, you can make it more complicated by having to do an action with that same letter for the photo. For example, if you met a man named Adam, you would have to do an action in the photo that begins with "A".

Have the bride meet 26 new people whose names begin with a different letter of the alphabet.
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Instead of playing a game directly, consider making light of the party by choosing a party theme. A particularly funny theme could be 1980s prom. In this scenario, the bride and all guests dress up in 1980s prom attire.

You can add another level to this game by going to karaoke and challenging each guest to sing a song from that specific decade. Additionally, you can put together a slide show of the bride's worst fashion moments and make her dress up in a similar outfit for the night out.

Choose a funny party theme.
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A final game for your party can be a "history of the couple" scavenger hunt. Write up clues prior to the party where guests would travel from location to location, all ending in one final party destination. Guests need to pick up chosen items at these locations and bring them to the final destination. Pick locations and items that are of significance to the couple. Examples include the location where the couple met, the location of their first date and the location of their first kiss.

Have a scavenger hunt that revolves around the couple.
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