What Is the Best Way to Lose 10Kg?


People are always trying to find new ways to lose weight quickly and safely. Ten kilograms (or 22 pounds) is a sufficient amount of weight for the average person to lose to really change the way they look and feel in their everyday lives. Losing this much weight rapidly can be unhealthy if not done in the proper fashion. Following specific guidelines when trying to lose weight through diet and exercise can help you lose the weight safely.

10 kg can be lost in a combination of ways
10 kg can be lost in a combination of ways

Create Your Own Exercise Program

Begin exercising regularly. Run 45 minutes to an hour three to four times a week. If you can't run for that long, make sure you do at least some form of strenuous to moderately strenuous exercise for 30 minutes each day. Create a program that you will stick to and which can become routine. For example run four laps around your block; do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups; and jump rope for five to ten minutes. This type of exercise may be painful or difficult at first, especially if you haven't been exercising regularly.

Woman running on beach
Woman running on beach (Image: Dirima/iStock/Getty Images)

Change Your Diet

Cut out sweets entirely, especially sodas, as they add high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars to your diet. No more fast food, fewer cheeses, breads and unhealthy proteins, like pork and beef. When you cut this out, replace it with a more nutritious diet of fruits, vegetables and lighter healthy protein-rich low-fat meats like fish, eggs and chicken. Try to have a salad as a meal with oil and vinegar dressing once a day, replacing another meal with higher calorie content. Start drinking at least a liter of water per day, if not more. This, combined with steady exercise, will help to shed pounds very efficiently. You have to burn 3,500 more calories then you consume to lose a pound, so keep that in mind when dieting and exercising.

Woman drinking a glass of water
Woman drinking a glass of water (Image: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

Personal Nutritionist and Trainer

If you need someone to light a fire under you and make sure you stick to your plan to lose ten kilograms, talk to a nutritionist and a personal trainer. While these people can be expensive to hire, they can inspire and push you to stick to your plan--an added presence to help keep your will power intact. The good nutritionists and personal trainers are also well-educated in how to help you lose weight and get into shape in a safe way. It doesn't mean you need a full-time nutritionist or personal trainer, just one or two sessions to get you into the habit of following the programs they lay out for you.

Personal trainer working with senior man
Personal trainer working with senior man (Image: Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

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