Foam Roller Exercises for SI Joints


The spine and the pelvis meet at the SI (sacroiliac) joint. SI joints normally are very stable, but problems can give you leg, buttock, and lower back pain. Foam roller exercises should concentrate on the muscles and ligaments associated with the SI joint.

The External Hip

  • Muscles of the upper leg and buttocks that need to be rolled include the gluteus medius and the external rotators of the hip including the piriformis. Perform each roll 15 to 20 times. If you are diagnosed with SI dysfunction or inflammation, check with your doctor to make sure these exercises are safe.

The Lower Back

  • Muscles and ligaments rolled in this position include the erector spinae and quadratus lumborum of the lower back. When starting new rolling exercises, always use light pressure and make sure there is no unusual pain. Discontinue and contact a specialist if these exercises are uncomfortable.

The Inner Hip Region

  • Use the end of the foam roller to reach the inner hip region. This exercise will roll the hip flexors (psoas) and help maintain joint stability and balance from the front of the body.

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