Detox Diet for People With PCOS


PCOS, or polycystic ovary disease, is a condition that affects a substantial number of women. The crux of the disease involves the development of cysts throughout the ovaries, which can potentially lead to complications regarding fertility. Although treatment for PCOS normally involves a number of prescription medications, utilizing diet to supplement your medical regime can increase your odds of successfully overcoming this disorder. A solid detox for PCOS will encompass many of the principles present in an effective dietary strategy.

PCOS and Dieting

According to Martha McKittrick, RD, insulin levels play a vital role in the development and progression of PCOS. Where insulin levels are out of control, the disease is more likely to continue its course unabated. Insulin is the body's main storage hormone, responsible for linking with blood glucose and transporting it to the cells of the body for storage or energy. Insulin production is directly linked to the speed at which carbohydrates are digested. Where carbs are digested rapidly, the body has more blood sugar (glucose) floating around, thus requiring more insulin. Thus, as elevated insulin levels are responsible in part for PCOS, the main dietary recommendation to keep in mind is to keep insulin levels low by maintaining a stable blood sugar level. This is accomplished through the consumption of carbs which are low on the glycemic index--a scale that ranks how rapidly various carbs are digested and absorbed by the body. In addition to eating only low-GI carbs, McKittrick also recommends never eating carbs alone--always combine them with a lean protein source.

PCOS and Detox

Now that you understand the two basic tenets of PCOS dieting--consume only low-GI carbs with lean protein sources--you can then use that information to construct an effective PCOS detox. One detox system that utilizes both of these principles fairly well is the Fruit Flush Detox by nutritionist Jay Robb. In Robb's plan you will go on a three-day detox diet where your food consumption will consist of only fresh fruits and protein. You can therefore use this plan as a PCOS detox, provided you make some minor alterations.

As written, on the first day of the plan you should consume a protein shake every two hours (from eight am to four pm). At six, consume a dinner consisting of a large garden salad topped with lean chicken, fish, or turkey. On days two and three, consume nothing but fresh fruit every two hours from eight am to four pm. At six, you will eat a dinner consisting of a mixed vegetable salad washed down with a protein shake.


The only real adaptations you will need to bring this detox plan in line with the principles of PCOS dieting are these. First, keep your fruit consumption limited to lower-GI carbs where possible. You can find a list by following the "Glycemic Index" link below, but generally speaking the lowest-GI fruits are apples, oranges, peaches, plums, grapefruit, and grapes. Second, be sure to consume both protein and fruit with every recommended meal, regardless of the directions of the plan. Thus, on day one of the plan each protein shake will be accompanied by a piece of fruit, and one days two and three each serving of fruit will be accompanied by a lean protein source (powder or solid food). By making these changes you will be able to enjoy a healthy detox that will help to effectively combat your PCOS.

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