The Best Australian Sea Sick Remedy

Sea Bands are one seasickness remedy used in Australia.
Sea Bands are one seasickness remedy used in Australia.

Even seasoned sailors can get a little green at the gills when it comes to being out on the water. Because of the disconnection and imbalance between the fluid in your ear and brain while you're at sea, seasickness affects just about everyone from time to time. You might try many different remedies, but who better to know about sea sick remedies than the inhabitants of a country entirely surrounded by water. Australians have tried, tested and true ways to get your sea legs and enjoy your time on the water.


Stugeron is an anti-motion sickness drug that Australian seamen swear by. Only available in Australia and the U.K., it contains the antihistamine cinnarizine. It works mainly in the same way that American Dramamine does; however, it is stronger. Those who visit Oz often buy over the counter Stugeron for the long flight home. Stugeron has a few side effects, mainly drowsiness, which can affect your performance at sea. However, if you're just out for a leisurely sail, Stugeron can help you enjoy it much more by getting rid of your seasickness.

Sea Bands

Sea Bands are sometimes dismissed because they seem too good to be true. A small wristband that you wear on each wrist hits key acupressure points that control your seasickness so that you feel better. As tested by the Australian Yacht Club, these Sea Bands seem to do the trick for many who are suffering from seasickness. In fact, they are so effective that pregnant women often use them to prevent the nausea of morning sickness. They are a good alternative for those who don't want to take drugs and prefer more natural methods of controlling seasickness.

Ginger Tablets

Ginger has been used as an anti-nausea treatment for centuries in Eastern medicine. Australian fishermen also use it, and it is recommended as a safe treatment for children by Australian Prescriber magazine. While originally used in its fresh form, fresh ginger can be hard to eat, as it is fairly spicy. Instead, try ginger tablets, which contain real ginger and give the same effects without the taste of fresh ginger. It is thought that ginger stimulates saliva production and promotes better digestive health, calming your upset stomach as you sail the high seas.

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