Punk Haircuts for Men

A nice tall mohawk is the classic punk haircut for men.
A nice tall mohawk is the classic punk haircut for men.

At any punk rock show, you're likely to see all types of punk haircuts for men and women. Punk rockers like to wear their hair in fashions that express their commitment to being outside mainstream society. Punk rockers often see the most extreme men's and women's hairstyles as a badge of honor: the more extreme, the more credit. Here you'll find an outline of the primary punk rock haircuts for men, which can be applied to those punk rocker women who like to wear their hair in the classic punk fashions.

The Mohawk

The classic punk haircut for men, without a doubt, is the mohawk. Cutting a good mohawk involves using clippers without an adapter, and some careful scissor work. Shave the entire head except a 1.5 inch strip directly down the center. There's no punk haircut for men worse than a crooked mohawk, so be careful! Finally, take scissors and cut the hair evenly all the way across, tapering slightly toward the back. A good mohawk, by the time it's fully ready, stands 12 to 14 inches in length. Color it for even more "Look at me!" effect.

The Trihawk

An adapted form of the mohawk, the trihawk is simply that: three mohawks. Because the trihawk can't really be let down, it is considered the ultimate expression of a counterculture lifestyle. Leave two inches between each hawk, and cut the two on the sides to about 5 inches in length, while leaving the middle hawk at about 7 inches. Color them with food coloring or hair dye in your favorite three different colors, and you're good to go.

Liberty Spikes

Liberty spikes are hard to put up before the show, but look great as a punk haircut for men or women. In order to have big, bold liberty spikes you'll need to make a big commitment to growing your hair long all around. Then, simply cut your hair even all around with scissors, again tapering a bit toward the back, especially if you don't want to get the back of your neck sticky. Like an afro, the best liberty spikes look even all the way around.

The Chicken Hawk

A chicken hawk is like a mohawk, except it is cut wider and tapers all the way toward the back toward a completely shaved head. To some, a chicken hawk is perhaps not the most credible punk haircut for men or women, but it has its advantages which gave it its name. The chicken hawk has the distinct advantage of looking "normal" when let down and slicked back, with or without a hat. If you cut your chicken hawk hairstyle right you can get away with working your corporate job during the day, hiding your tattoos with a long shirt and slicking back your chicken hawk. Then, simply put the chicken hawk up at night when it's time for the show.

Simple Shaved Head / Cue Ball

The simplest punk haircut for men is shaving the head. Don't shave it all the way down unless you'd really like to make a statement, because that looks more like a skinhead than a punk rocker. Instead, use clippers to cut your hair to half an inch. Add some colors to your shaved head for even more effect. Some favorites are red, white and black; and leopard print.

Keeping Punk Haircuts for Men Standing Up Straight

Almost all these punk hairstyles have one thing in common: they are stiff and worn "up" most of the time. So, just how does a self-respecting punk get his or her hair to stand on end? The simplest way is with simple sugar and water, but this gets very sticky. Pomade, such as Murray's brand, is also used, though hard to remove from hair in the shower. The best secret to a tall hawk or liberty spikes is gelatin. You'll often hear punk rockers talking about "knoxing" the hair, Knox being a proper name for a particularly strong brand of gelatin. Now that you know the secret, you're ready to try one of these classic punk styles.

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