What Are the Treatments for Tired, Achy Legs & Feet?


After a long day, you often have tired, achy legs and feet. Your entire body weight rests upon the strength of your legs and if you are working or exercising, the aftermath can be strenuous or even painful. Depending on how much money you are able to spend, there are professional ways to get help. At home, however, there are also simple ways to reduce your achy legs and feet at no cost.

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When you are constantly on your feet, a significant amount of stress is put on your legs and feet. Rushing around at work, accelerating on the sports field, or walking around the mall can be tiresome to your legs. When you walk or run, pressure is placed on every part of your foot and knees. The support system of your legs winds up dealing with that activity and you need to take care of that pain afterward.

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Professional Help

Seeking professional help when you have tired, achy legs and feet seems obvious. A massage parlor or spa is a tranquil and relaxing way to get rid of your aches and pains. If the problem persists, consult a podiatrist. If you don't want to pay top dollar for a spa, look at your local businesses or search online to find a place that suits your budget.

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At-Home Remedies

Remember that within your own home, there are ways of relieving pain in your legs and feet. Have a loved one give you a massage to connect and help ease the strain. Ice can help as well. Place a thin towel or cloth between the ice and your legs to prevent direct contact if you cannot handle the cold completely. This will slow the pace of the ice acting on your joints. If the pain is not new, warm a towel with hot water, then wrap it around your legs. Ice works for new injuries, while warmth works to soothe old ones.

Foot massage
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Your Local Store

If you do not feel like using ice, warm towels, or seeking professional help, going to your local grocery or drugstore offer options, too. Medications like Aleve, Advil or Tylenol can help. Dr. Scholls or any other foot insertion pads can be placed into footwear for increased support. Items like Mineral Ice, Gehwol Cooling Foot Balm or heating pads are a quick and effective way to ease your tired, achy legs and feet. Its fast-working action has a cooling sensation when you apply the cream, and eventually heats up.

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