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The HS850 is a hands-free headset released by Motorola in 2004. The headset is Bluetooth-compatible and features a wireless connection of up to 30 feet and up to eight hours of talk time before the battery needs to be charged. The HS850 takes only a few minutes to pair to your phone, and is easy to use when making and receiving phone calls.


  • The HS850 needs to be connected, or paired, to a phone prior to operation. This link between the headset and the phone will allow you to make and receive calls from your headset. To pair the headset to the phone, close the boom on the headset to turn off the device. Press and hold the multifunction button until the indicator light on the HS850 turns on. This usually takes about three seconds. Once the indicator light comes on, open the boom on the headset. The indicator light should stay on when you open the boom. If it does not stay on, repeat the process.

    Next, locate available Bluetooth devices on your phone. Each phone is different and has a different procedure for finding Bluetooth devices. Check the instruction manual that came with your phone for information on scanning for devices. When the scan is complete, a list of available Bluetooth devices will appear on the screen. Choose "Motorola HS850" from the list. If you are prompted to insert a passkey, enter 0000.

    You will see the indicator light on the HS850 blink rapidly 10 times when the devices are successfully paired.

Making and Receiving Calls

  • The HS850 allows you to control many of your phone's functions by using the control buttons on the headset. The most important button for making and receiving calls is the multifunction button as it controls nearly all of the functions. The boom on the headset must be open to use any of the following functions. Please note that all of the functions of the HS850 may not be compatible with your phone. Review your phone's instruction manual for information on compatible functions.

    To make a call using voice dial, press the multifunction button once and speak the contact's name. This will dial the number.

    If you want to redial the previous called number, press and hold the multifunction button. The phone will redial the last dialed number.

    To answer an incoming call, press and release the multifunction button. You can reject a call by pressing and holding the button.

    Placing a call on hold requires you to press and hold the multifunction button. Use the same method to answer an incoming call when you are already connected to another person and to switch between two active calls.

    Finally, to end a call press and release the multifunction button.

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