How Far Apart Should Sweet Corn be Planted?


Sweet corn depends on pollen to produce healthy ears full of tasty kernels. Since pollen granules travel by wind, you can make it easy for them to reach every stalk by planting seeds in short rows of about 3 to 4 feet, instead of one long row.


  • Because the pollen travels so far, it's important to keep other varieties of corn, such as popcorn, at least 20 feet away from sweet corn plantings. That keeps other varieties' pollen from fertilizing your crop, which can affect the taste and appearance.


  • Check your seed packet to see how tall your sweet corn will grow. Varieties that grow taller than 65 inches need about 3 feet between each row. Varieties under that height can be planted slightly closer, with about 30 inches between rows. Plant seeds about 3 to 4 inches apart in each row.

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