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The following are tips to help you when you are in a fight. The first thing to always remember is there are no rules so, if you follow these tips, you have a better chance to walk away unharmed and let the other person remember why he shouldn't mess with you in the future.

Just breathe...

  • In a fight, your body naturally will want to become stiff and rigid; don't. Many times people get more hurt from the fact that their body is tense and thus the punches connect with more force. If you keep yourself loose and not so stiff, punches will not affect you as much because you can move with its inertia and take less of a blow. Also, being loose will allow you to strike harder and faster because you won't have the rest of your body siphoning energy from you.

    Cardio can also help you. If you are somebody who doesn't hit the gym much, a strong suggestion would be to start. While street fights don't last long usually, having the capability to fight without tiring is a big advantage to you and will help you move just that much quicker during the fight. So take a little time out of each week to get a little bit of jogging in.

Dirty Fighting

  • Remember, street fights are just that. Anything goes and there are no rules. If you are like everyone else, you want to get out of the fight as quickly as possible without incurring any injuries. So don't be afraid to take a shortcut and kick the other guy in the groin or immobilize him with a kick to the knee cap. It is literally hurt or get hurt when you are out there. If you are in a pinch and he has you in a hold, bite, scrape and punch whatever you can in order to escape.

    If you wear that mask of masculinity and do not wish to resort to the dirty tactics, then there are advanced methods of getting around in a street fight that don't involve cheating. The first rule to remember is that a fight is never over until someone is knocked out. So if you capture the guy in a guillotine choke, make sure you cut off his airway until he passes out or else he will continue to come after you. Here are a few simple moves that may help you out to win the fight:

    The Guillotine: This move involves wrapping your arm over the other person's head so that your bicep is at the back of the neck and your forearm and wrist are around the front. Lay back with the move and make sure the arm around the other guy's neck is tight. When you get down, wrap your legs around his midsection to immobilize him and pull down with your legs and squeeze and pull with your arm until you can feel the guy go out. This is the easiest trick in the book, although getting it on could be a different story.

    From Burmese Boar Bando---A Deadly Head Smash: When the other guy goes to attack or throw a punch, dodge it away from his body so that the arm he punched with is next to you. Quickly stick your leg closest to him behind his leg, use your palm to thrust into his chin and with your other arm, pull the back of his hair or by the back of his neck so that he will have momentum heading towards the ground. As most fights happen on concrete or hard floors, the impact will more than likely injure him and end the fight.

    There are certain areas that you can connect with during fights that will cause the guy to stop reacting momentarily. These spots include the groin, nose, stomach and knees, but pain threshold is also a gauge you must test before just plain angering the other guy. Any form of choke will have the same effect on any person, so the safe bet should always be grabbing a choke hold.

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