Game Instructions for Disney Trivia 2


Disney fans and players of Disney Trivia can enjoy thousands of more questions by enjoying Disney Trivia 2. While the first Disney Trivia game covered classics like "Bambi", "Peter Pan" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the sequel offers questions from movies like "Mulan" and "Tarzan." Game play is much like the first, but with new "Special Spaces" to challenge players even more.


  • Assign each player a colored Mickey Mouse piece. Shuffle the trivia cards and decide whether the game will use the children cards, adult cards, or a mix of both. Take a vote to choose the card choice. Start each player at the "Alice in Wonderland" staring point and play in order of age, youngest first.


  • Each space on the board features a different Disney picture and a colored outline that identifies the type of question. Yellow is animation, purple is film, green is song, blue is personality and red is random. The children cards feature pictures to go with each question while the adult cards are text only.

Game Play

  • Players roll a single dice to move. When they land on a spot, they answer a question in that color category. If they get the answer wrong, the next player goes. If they answer the question correctly, they receives the color token matching the question and get to roll again.

Special Spaces

  • Special spaces can change the game. The Challenge space allows players to try to steal another player's token. They choose the player and color token and must answer a question correctly in that category to win the token. In the Peril space, one of your own tokens is on the line. If you answer a question incorrectly, you lose the token--it is placed in the center of the board. The Rescue space allows you to win tokens in the center of the board by answering a question corresponding to the color token you want.


  • A player wins the game by collecting all five tokens and making her way up the board to the "Disney Film Vault." Once a player reaches the center, she must answer one more question to win the game. If she doesn't answer correctly, she must wait until her next turn to try again. After one player wins, remaining players can continue to play for second, third and fourth place.


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