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Engaging in parent-child activities with your son from an early age isn't just fun -- it's also potentially beneficial when it comes to his development. Researchers from the University of Reading found that boys with insecure early attachments to their mothers tend to have more behavioral issues later on. While this isn't true in every case, building a bond with your son now and throughout his life can help your relationship to grow and flourish.

Family Camps

  • Camps aren't just places to send your children for the summer. Some camps offer mother-son weekends featuring family activities that promote bonding. This is a way to get your son away from video games or the TV and spend some time with him -- and other mommy-son pairs -- out in nature. For example, the Sky Ridge camp offers mother-son weekends that include canoeing, fishing, horseback riding and more. Likewise, some YMCA camps -- such as California's Camp Campbell -- have a mother-son weekend that is packed with exciting and engaging outdoor activities.

Sports Events

  • Whether you share your son's love of the game or not, sports offer parents and children a way to get out of the house and either watch or play. For example, the Atlanta Braves has a mother-and-son day at the ballpark once per season. Parent-child pairs get a discounted ticket rate, T-shirts and access to special activities such as a pre-game parade on the field. If you would both rather get in on the action instead of sitting in the stands, some schools and community groups host mother-son games such as dodgeball or basketball. If your area doesn't have one of these events, organize your own by getting a group of other parents and children together.

Dance Night

  • Take the typical daddy-daughter dance for a twist and throw a mother-son version with your child's parent-teacher organization or another community group. Choose a theme, and coordinating decor, that appeals to young boys. Expect that the energetic sons won't stay put sitting through long speeches or eagerly cuddle up to their moms for slow-paced dancing. Add an impact to this mother-son activity with movement games such as limbo, fun dances such as square-dancing or other options such as a rented bounce house.

Moms and Adult Sons

  • A night out at a school dance or a dodgeball game may not cut it with your teen or adult son. Just because your little boy is now a man doesn't mean that you can't continue to bond through mother-and-son activities. As your son matures you may find that you have mutual interests. Explore these activities, choosing one that you both enjoy. For example, if you've always loved art and your son is an art history major, take a day-trip to a museum or visit an art gallery.


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