PUA Black Mirror Technique


PUA stands for "pick-up artist." There are many people who consider themselves players, or good with the ladies, but a pick-up artist is something different. Since the early 1990s a male subculture has evolved. The males in this subculture aim to seduce women by applying social psychology and science to the seduction process. They use many tricks to gain the gain the edge in social environments, and one of them is the black mirror. The black mirror is a technique that the pick-up artist uses to get a girl to like him several minutes after meeting her.

High Status

  • One of the basic principles learned by the pick-up artist is that people are attracted to high status. This means everyone is attracted to people who have power and resources. So if you are going to use the black mirror technique to seduce girls or win friends, you need to convey high status. One of the best ways to do this is by conveying confidence. Confidence can be conveyed by approaching a social group without any hesitation. It can be conveyed by upright body posture and an easy smile. It can be conveyed by easily talking to and flirting with girls. It can be conveyed by sticking to your own opinion.


  • Paradoxically, a pick-up artist can make people like him and become fascinated with him simply by ignoring them. This is another crucial part of the seduction process, and the black mirror technique. People want things that are scarce, and things that they cannot have. If you are aloof to a person, and don't seem particularly interested, that person will want your attention, and become more interested in you. She will also become interested because your lack of attention suggests that you have higher social status than she does, and as mentioned above, people are attracted to high status. There is a fine line between being aloof and being downright nasty, and in order to be aloof successfully the pick-up artist must ignore his target delicately, and not offend him or her (usually her).

Bonding and Connection

  • The final part of the black mirror technique is making a connection. Once the pick-up artist has conveyed high status, and acted suitably aloof to get the attention of the girl he wishes to seduce, he will then let her "impress" him. She will say something that he pretends to find particularly insightful or enjoyable. Or he will "discover" a past experience they have in common. This makes the girl like the pick-up artist for three reasons. First of all, they have something in common, which creates a bond, and a fellowship. Secondly she feels that she has earned his friendship and approval (remember, five minutes before he was aloof). Thirdly, he now likes her, and people naturally like people who like them.

Putting It Together

  • The black mirror technique may sound abstract, so here's an example to show how it would work. The pick-up artist is in a bar, and sees a group of people with a girl he is interested in and thinks he might want to seduce. He then approaches the group in an easy, upright manner to convey confidence and high social status. He gets the group's attention with stories and impressive feats, and talks to them for a while, all the time ignoring the girl he likes. After a while, he makes the girl think that she has impressed him in some way, and makes her think they have experienced a connection. Then the girl likes him, and feels a strong attachment to him.


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