Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles


The accumulation of fat around the midsection, specifically around the sides of the torso, is known as love handles. While men and women experience this type of fat storage, because of genetics, men have a higher likelihood of forming love handles. There are many exercises and diets that claim to quickly rid love handles from the body, however, spot reduction is not possible within the human body. To get rid of love handles, both diet and exercise routines must be performed to lower fat within the entire body.

Oblique Exercises

  • Exercising your oblique muscles will further develop and strengthen this important muscle group. By regularly training the obliques, you will be able to streamline your midsection as well as build denser muscle fibers that will utilize stored fat cells for energy. While oblique exercises will not completely rid love handles from your body, by regularly performing these routines as well as with weight training and cardio, your love handles will begin to shrink in size.

    Twist Crunch: The movements within this exercise will engage both the external and internal oblique muscles as well as the lower abdominal muscle groups. Prior to starting this exercise, remove all obstacles from the floor to ensure you have ample room.

    Begin this exercise by lying flat on your back and planting your feet on the ground as if you were about to perform a standard crunch. Bring your hands behind your head for support and slowly engage your abdominals by lifting your shoulders off of the ground 4 inches. Carefully lift your legs off of the ground, bringing your knees up toward your upper body. Twist your upper body to the right, leading with your left elbow. As you bring your left elbow to the right, also bring your right knee up toward your elbow. When your right knee is brought toward your upper body, extend your left leg straight out. Twist your upper body to the left while bringing your left knee up to meet your right elbow. Again, extend your right leg straight out in front of you. Repeat this movement 30 times before resting for 1 minute and beginning another set of 30 repetitions.

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • While engaging your abdominals through proper training is vital to losing your love handles and strengthening your oblique muscles, cardiovascular exercise is the main ingredient to losing these pockets of fat. The following is a circuit training exercise that can be performed at home or in the gym.

    To begin jog in place, or on a treadmill, for 5 minutes while slowly increasing the intensity of your exercise every minute. Immediately after 5 minutes, perform 30 standard squat movements and then perform 15 lunges for each leg. Perform 3 minutes of jumping jacks, followed by 2 minutes of standard crunch movements.

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