Instructions for String Tricks to Do at Home


These string tricks make your audience think that you have passed the string through your body or that of an assistant. Each trick requires a length of string 4 to 5 feet long. Tie the ends of the string together to make a loop. Practice the tricks until you can do them quickly. The key to making your tricks look like magic is to do them smoothly and rapidly.

Through the Neck

  • Put the loop of string over your head so that it hangs from your neck like a necklace.

    Hold the sides of the string in your hands, and cross them over each other, holding the cross between your teeth.

    Cross your hands back to their original position, letting the string slide down over your thumbs, and bring the front of the loop back over your head.

    With the sides of the string still held by your thumbs, clap your hands together and release the string in your mouth. Both sides of the string will now be behind your neck, and it will appear that the loop passed through your neck.

Through the Finger

  • While performing this trick, point all your fingers toward the floor. Ask someone to hold up his index finger.

    Put one end of your loop over your assistant's finger, and pull it toward you with your right thumb in the other end; pull until it is taut.

    With your left thumb and index finger, cross one side of the string over the other side. It will cross in two places.

    Pinch the cross closest to you between your left thumb and index finger.

    Bring your right hand forward to hold the other cross in place with your index finger by placing it on the left side of the cross.

    Bring your left hand forward to place that index finger on your assistant's finger.

    You will now have a loop on each thumb, one on your left index finger and the one on your assistant's finger. Release the string from every finger while pulling it toward you with your right thumb. The loop will appear to pass through your assistant's finger.

Cat's Cradle

  • Form a simple cat's cradle by looping the string across your palm and in back of the thumb and little finger on each hand.

    Slide the middle finger of each hand under the string lying across the palm of the other hand and pull your hands apart. You will have two crossed strings with a straight string under each of them.

    Ask someone to put her hand through the space between the crossed strings, from the top.

    Release the string from your thumbs and index fingers. The string will now be held only by your middle finger and looped around your assistant's arm.

    Without moving her arm, form another cat's cradle and ask her to put their arm through this one, from the bottom.

    Release the strings from your thumbs and index fingers again, and it will appear to pass through your assistant's arm.

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