Earring Display Ideas


Display systems for earrings are a preferable alternative to storing these delicate items in places where they can clump together, break or get lost. Whether you're looking to display earrings for commercial sale or just trying to find an attractive way to store your own collection, coming up with a creative way to showcase earrings is an excellent way to make these tiny jewelry offerings visible and easy to access.


  • Displaying earrings on tags is a good technique for both stud and hook earring designs. You can buy disposable earring tags in cardboard or plastic, already equipped with holes, or you can make your own by cutting light tag board into small rectangles, then punching holes with a fine-gauge hole punch or small nail. Display tags on a display rack (depending on the rack, this may require the use of purchased plastic tags designed to snap or slide onto the rack) or lay cards on the table.

    With hoop earrings, you may wish to secure the earrings in place by applying a small piece of clear tape to the back of the card. This is only necessary with earrings that don't have any sort of backing piece.


  • Foam is a good display method for both sale of earrings as craft items or home display of your own collection. Sheets of dense crafting foam are a good choice for this kind of display, since they are attractive and come in multiple colors. Simply poke either stud or hoop earrings through the foam to attach them.

    There are a number of ways to display foam with earrings in it. You can remove the glass from a large picture frame and cut a piece of foam into the right size to make an attractive standing display board. You can also roll a long, rectangular piece of foam into a cylinder that will stand on its own or use craft glue to fashion foam into a cube or box with earrings attached to each of its sides. (This is a good display method if you want to separate your earrings into different categories).


  • Display dangling hook earrings on string for a minimalist, decorative look that allows easy access to the jewelry. Use a length of strong, thin string, such as beading cord, and create a sort of "tight rope" by tying the string taut between any two sturdy table-top objects, such as tall bookends or glass bottles. You can make this string as long as you like or tie multiple levels on the same object, allowing you to display a large number of pairs in a small space.

Ear Photographs

  • For stud earrings, displaying the jewelry on photographs of human ears is a novel and fun way to draw attention to the earrings while showing what they will look like when worn. A good way to do this is to print color or gray scale computer photos of ears (use a scale as close to actual size as possible), then glue them to a sheet of thin craft foam or paper board using a flexible craft glue. Pierce the photo, and the backing, at the image of the ear lobe and attach the backing to the earring on the other side.

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