Unique Homemade Ideas to Cover Your Windows


Window coverings are generally thought of as purely functional object that provide privacy and control how much light enters a room, but they can be an important design element. Unusual window treatments can be made from found items or they can be designed by repurposing objects in unique ways.


  • Measure of the window, window frame and the distance from the top of the window to the floor. Create a budget for your window treatment plans and add 10 percent to cover mistakes. Make a mental inventory of your do-it-yourself skills. Are you comfortable using small tools? Can you stitch a seam? Assemble a basic toolkit with hammer and nails, screwdriver and screws and glue. Have a miter box and saw on hand if you plan to miter corners.

Cold Weather Window Frames

  • Measure your window around the outside of the trim. Cut 1 by 1 inch furring strips to make a frame. Glue the corners together and then reinforce the corners by driving in 2 inch brads or inserting screws. Attach a piece of fabric that's large enough to stretch over the frame and staple to the back of the furring strips, like a canvas on canvas stretchers. Slide the frame over the window trim. The trim will hold it in place.

Country Kitchen

  • Create a country kitchen look by attaching wooden curtain rod holders at each end of the top of your kitchen window. Find a sturdy stick to rest on the curtain holders. Leave the bark on, or strip it off and rub it between your hands until it has a high shine. Slide large curtain rings over the stick and push one end of a colorful kitchen towel through each ring.

A Touch of the South

  • Cut decorative molding to build two frames that will fit side by side over your windows, creating shutters. Join the wood with glue and clamp it until it has dried. Use household glue to attach colorful paper to the back of the molding and attach the shutters to the window frames with hinges.

Stained Glass

  • Use water-based paints to create a stained glass look. Either paint each pane a different color or make a pattern. You can also use a black Sharpie pen to draw mosaic patterns on the glass and then fill them in with paint.

Bottom Up

  • Purchase a ¾ inch dowel that is the width of the inside of the window, not including the trim, and a spring rod that will fit inside the window, between the trim. Finish the edges and sew a hem in each end of a piece of fabric that is just large enough to cover the window. Slide the spring rod through one hem and place it at the bottom of the window. Make sure there's enough tension to keep it in place. Slide the dowel through the other hem.

    Attach a screw eye in the center of the dowel through the fabric and tie a length of fabric trim through it. Attach another screw eye at the upper center of the window and thread the trim through it. Pull on the trim to raise the blind. Put a screw hook at one side of the window to tie the trim to when you want the blind to stay up.

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