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Planting a garden in Ontario, Canada, can be a bit difficult if you are new to the area and are not familiar with the growing season of the region. Fortunately there are many ways you can plant a variety of flowers, foliage, vegetables and fruits without having to work against the cold climate. Ontario is home to a variety of different growing zones, and depending on where you live, you can grow many different things in your garden.


Regardless of the particular zone you are in, you will need to start with healthy soil. Compost is vital in areas that have short growing seasons like Ontario and other cold regions. An environmentally friendly way to compost your garden can be to use vermicompost as opposed to commercial fertilizers. Vermicompost is essentially earthworm castings, potting soil and kitchen compost. It eliminates the need for mammal-produced manure. To further nourish your soil, mix your vermicompost with liberal amounts of peat moss. Peat moss is a vital gardening essential for any soil as it holds moisture and nutrients at the roots of the plants.

Edible Gardens

Planting a garden that produces fruits, vegetables and herbs requires knowledge and patience when you are gardening in Ontario. Some great fruit-bearing plants that are tolerant to cold weather can be the blueberry bush, some strains of pear tree and strawberries. Broccoli, cabbage and some kinds of squash thrive in cooler climates and produce vegetables from their plants for years. It is best to avoid planting fruit trees and bushes from seed, as the small plants will not survive the seasonal changes. Instead of planting fruit tree seeds, purchase seedlings from a nursery and transplant into your garden. Plant the seedlings in an area that gets adequate sun but is shielded from winds to keep blossoms intact. Vegetable plants can be started from seed indoors about two weeks before the growing season starts. Transplant the sprouts on the first day of your zone's growing season. All herbs should be grown indoors or within a greenhouse, to assure the proper health of the plants.

Flower Gardens

Having a beautiful flower garden on your property in Ontario is achievable with cold tolerant plants. Some great examples for some plants to grow in zones 4a through 7b in Ontario are violets, daylillies, hostas, phlox and beebalm. These are all perennial plants that should be grown in an area that you would want permanent flora. Landscape a perennial garden to border your home, but grow annuals every year throughout the property to change with each growing season. Some good annuals to grow are pansies and calendula. You can also plant sweetpeas along your fences or against a trellis.

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