Custom Motorcycle Helmet Design Ideas


As there are so many motorcycle helmets out there, a custom paint or design job will make you stand out from the rest of the bikers on the road. This can consist of an interesting paint job with symbols or designs that match your motorcycle's paint job itself or cool ornaments added to the helmet, making you look more extreme or cool as you cruise down the road. Regardless of the designs added to your motorcycle helmet, you'll be cool...and safe.

Airbrush Painting

  • Have the design airbrushed on, much like the paint on the exterior of a car or on the motorcycle itself. A simple paint job the same color as the bike itself can be done pretty cheaply and efficiently for around $150 to $200. However, more intricate designs, like the ones at, can range from $250 to $350 and can consist of designs like flames, robot heads and skulls, turning the helmet into a canvas of its own. Or if you come up with your own personal design, like with a tattoo, many of these talented airbrush artists can paint them onto your helmet for you.


  • Some motorcycle helmets need more than just an airbrush paint job to stand out. By having spikes installed on the top of the smaller Harley or Chopper helmets you'll look like a tougher biker of Hell's Angels lore--or maybe just a renegade from the old Turkish military during the Ottoman Empire days. Spikes around the rim of the helmet itself have also become popular, though these may prove dangerous if your helmet is involved in protecting you in a collision and these spikes break off. Purchasing motorcycle "bling" is also an option, consisting of cheap metal and rhinestones, which can be glued to the helmet itself in your own custom pattern. Add silver horses, stars or skulls to the helmet, as your own personal hood ornament. Many sites online have information on how to do this, as do motorcycle shops, who will either attach ornaments for you or sell you the items so you can attach it yourself.

Helmet Hair

  • As the helmet becomes like a rider's head itself, fake hair styles have been created to add to the helmet. Purchase some of the motorcycle mohawks with fame bristly hair in a variety of colors and lengths to be added to the middle, giving the rider an intense, punkish look. Or for female riders looking to make a statement as they cruise down the road, add pigtails and ponytails, which can also be purchased for helmets in a variety of colors like hot pink and blue or even a more realistic brunette, auburn and blonde. Many sites online have information on how to do this, as do motorcycle shops, who will either attach the hair for you or sell you the items so you can attach it yourself.

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