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Garden enthusiasts everywhere have long had to do battle with the enemy of healthy plants everywhere: weeds. Weeds get into the garden and choke out healthy plants by taking their nutrients and water. In order to make your garden the healthiest you possibly can, you will want to combat those weeds as soon as they appear. If you don't want to buy pesticides, you may want to try using these home remedies.

Boiling Water

  • One of the best ways to kill weeds is with boiling water. Simply boil water in a pot and directly pour it on the weed. What this does is actually cook the weed, which kills it. This method will destroy the plant completely, but provide the soil with nourishment via the water. Also, since you can control where you pour the water, you have less of a chance of ruining other plants.


  • Bleach also works to kill weeds and it is something you are likely to have around the house. Fill a spray bottle with bleach and spray it on the weed you are trying to kill. Once the weed has been sprayed and is gone, wait at least 2 days for the bleach to evaporate so it will be safe to plant in the area.


  • Salt was once used by conquering armies to ensure the total destruction of their enemies. If you put salt into fresh soil, it will kill any plant that may be growing there and, with enough salt, your soil may be ruined for a long time. To kill a weed using salt, simply pour a little bit directly on base of the plant. The salt works its way into the soil and kills anything which might be growing there. As long as you are careful and don't use too much salt, the weed will die. The soil will be ready after some water has diluted the salt.

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Rubbing alcohol is great to kill weeds because it evaporates quickly and it draws water out of an object. Just pour some rubbing alcohol on offending weeds and it will begin to pull the water out of the weed, effectively depriving it of what it needs to survive. Again be careful when you are using this as you don't want to accidentally get it on healthy plants.


  • Finally, you can cover the weeds with newspaper. Make sure you cover the weeds with at least four pieces of newspaper so they get no light. Weeds that have no light will die and since there is no light, new weeds will be not be able to sprout.

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