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Conditions of the mouth and throat can be difficult to tolerate. One of the most painful of all conditions of the throat is sore tonsils. These glands are prone to swelling and are often removed if they swell too large or swell too often. There are treatments for sore tonsils that don't require removing them. These treatments are advisable as they are generally safer than surgery.


  • Sore tonsils are often the result of bacterial infections. This is when the use of antibiotics can be used to treat sore tonsils. In particular, chronic cryptic tonsillitis is treated with antibiotics. Sometimes this only helps temporarily as chronic recurring tonsil problems may require the removal of the tonsils entirely. But antibiotics can help treat tonsil pain well enough to be considered. However, antibiotics should never be used if your sore throat is caused by a virus. In fact, I Tonsil states that "they have no effect if used to treat infections caused by a virus, and can even be harmful." If your tonsils are sore, see your doctor to see what kind of medicines, if any, you should take.

Herbal Treatments

  • There are many herbal remedies to treat tonsil pain. These treatments generally help soothe the pain, reduce inflammation, and help speed the healing process of the tonsils. Disabled World states that Gelsemium 6C is used to treat tonsillitis. It helps speed the healing process of the tonsils. Belladonna 30C is another herbal remedy that helps reduce the swelling and inflammation of the tonsils. Gallium aperine or Cleavers helps relieve swollen tonsils and also reduces the swelling in any other lymph glands. Salvia officinalis helps treat many other conditions in the mouth, including the throat and tonsils. These herbal supplements should be available at most herbal supply stores and are available over-the-counter.

Other Home Remedies

  • There are many other effective home remedies for sore tonsils. Eating a proper and well balanced diet may help. Water and orange juice may help if taken for every day for five days. Home treatments can also be as simple as applying a cold pack to your throat every two hours, gargling lemon juice, and taking a hot Epsom salt bath daily or every other day. Gargling with fenugreek seeds is also a popular remedy as is an all fruit diet. Essentially, a well balanced and fruit filled diet will help treat a sore throat. Breathing exercises may help as well as this can help bring more oxygen into your body which will help your body function more efficiently, allowing natural healing processes to speed up and natural pain relieving endorphins to flow easier.

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