Healing of Surgery Scars


Maybe one of the most unpleasant issues we can have with the skin is a scar. When we undergo a surgical procedure sometimes we leave behind large or smaller scars. Nevertheless, what they look like and how long they take to dissolve all varies from individual to individual. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that any form of surgery heals as effectively as possible.

Causes of Scars

After surgery, the incision or incisions in the skin causes many cells and tissue to form around the location to heal. As this happens, collagen beneath the skin forms, which eventually causes the scar. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed the incisions made to the body during surgery to be as minimal as possible to facilitate proper healing. Typically your age, race, genetics and the size of the incision determine the seriousness of the scar.

Prevention and Care

Ensure you minimize drinking alcohol to prevent scarring. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Naturally, dehydration also affects the skin, which causes an issue with healing. Ensure the body is properly hydrated. Considering a large portion of our body consists of water, during the healing process we need to make sure we have as much water as possible. Your urine should be virtually colorless or light and color to determine if the body is properly hydrated. Smoking is such a huge factor in scarring so much so that plastic surgeons would not even operate on a patient who has not stopped smoking for at least two weeks. Eating balanced, nutritional meals is also important. There are certain vitamins and minerals that the body needs to help heal the wound and prevent scarring. Also be sure to control your weight. Overweight people have an increased risk of scarring compared to those who are not overweight. Also ensure you get plenty of rest. When the body is at rest the immune system can operate properly and target the area that needs healing the most, in this case where the surgery took place. Try to keep the wound away from sunlight as this can also increase the chances of scarring. Try not place any form of stress on your incision. It is a good idea to take off from work or strenuous activities to ensure the area the surgery took place has time to relax. For those who are ill, make sure you do not overstress the body because that alone can also cause scarring. Finally, massages also assist in healing scars. After the wound is closed and any staples or sutures have been removed, you can have that area massaged, Massages allow blood to properly circulate in the area, which facilitates healing and prevents scarring. Vitamin E., lavender and Aloe Vera have been known to facilitate the healing of scars.

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