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Batman is a superhero from DC Comics, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The story of Batman has been told in comic books, novels, cartoons and movies, making for a very popular concept for theme parties. If you are planning a Batman-themed party for the caped crusader in your life, consider bat activities and games.

Batarang Toss and Pop the Villain

  • Find an image of Batman's famed Batarang weapon online and print it out. Cut pit the shape and use it as a template for a couple of dozen cardboard versions. Spray paint the cardboard cutouts black. Have kids toss the Batarangs at a target container such as a bucket, Using rules like in the game of horseshoes, have teams of two compete tournament style to see which team is best. For a game called Pop the Villain, put small toys or dollar bills in balloons, fill them up and draw logos or faces of Batman villains on them. Let the kids loose on the balloons, stomping out the bad guys to win the prize inside.

Find the Riddler and Catch the Catwoman

  • Write down five to 10 riddles on index cards, appropriate for the ages of your party guests. Set up a scavenger hunt where one riddle leads to the next. Consider a good prize for the final, most difficult riddle, or a treat for the whole party. Consider making question-mark shaped cookies with green frosting as a reward for party-goers after they solve the final riddle. Catch the Catwoman is a game in which you set up nine jars in a pyramid shape and balance a printout of Catwoman you've glued onto cardboard in the mouth of one of the jars. Invite kids to throw beanbags from 10 feet away. The first to knock Catwoman into the jar wins.

Pin the Grin on the Joker and Gotham Hide and Seek

  • For a play on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey for Batman fans, print out a large photo of Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker; edit out his smile as a separately printed image. Adhere double-sided tape to the back of the smile. Blindfold contestants and spin them around a few times before aiming them at the Joker's face, in hopes they will put the grin on the Joker. To play Gotham Hide and Seek, get as many large, brown cardboard boxes as you can. Using black construction paper and black magic markers, block out windows to make each box look like a building. Place the cardboard buildings around the yard and commence a classic game of hide and seek, where the birthday child is Batman, and each of the hiders is her favorite villain. When Batman catches each villain, they are sent to Arkham Asylum, a.k.a. indoors, for a snack.

Race Against the Penguin and To the Batmobile

  • A variation of the classic yard game the sack race, strap contestants' ankles together and have them waddle to and from a destination point. The first to make it back wins. Put top hats and pin-on bow ties on the contestants for extra Penguin appeal. Consider penguin-themed prizes, such as stuffed animals for the winners. A fun play on the old relay race is to make a large cardboard cutout of the Batmobile kids have to carry and pass off to the next runner. Break into two teams and see which team can navigate the Batmobile around the course fastest. Award the winning team the right to be first in line for cake.

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