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Bees can be hazardous to the health of you and your pets if they become agitated or provoked. Because they can build nests near or on your home, you want to take the proper steps using extreme caution to remove the nest. Home and garden stores carry products to eliminate bees, although you may already have some of the recommended solutions in your home.

Drione Dust

  • Drione dust is a great solution for removing bees from their nest in order to empty the nest altogether and prevent other bees from nesting there. The solution comes in a white powder that has a very minimal odor. Once it reaches an insect, it dehydrates it instead of chemically killing it. Because the dust is very light, it smokes up after it's applied, which helps it reach tight spaces. Wait approximately one day to check and see that all the bees have dropped. Scan the nest and area for a few minutes to see if any bees are flying to and from the nest. After you have determined it's fairly safe to approach, make sure your skin is covered as much as possible to avoid being stung by any remaining bees. Wearing a thick pair of gloves, gently remove the nest from its location. It may have honey or other attractive substances for bugs, so you should wrap it in plastic wrap or another nonporous film and put it into an outside garbage can.

Dawn Liquid Detergent

  • You can also remove bees from their nest using a formula composed of Dawn liquid detergent and water. Combine a cup of the detergent with one gallon of warm water into a large, direct spray bottle. Dress in long pants, full sleeves, gloves, hat, and any other protective gear that will cover any remaining exposed skin. Approach the nest at night when the bees have returned to the nest and stand as far away as your sprayer will allow. If the nest hangs above your head, do not stand directly under it. Falling bees can still sting. Once you have reached an appropriate location, begin spraying the nest. The solution will soak and kill the bees. If you notice a few straggling bees the next day, spray the nest again that same night. When you are sure that you have rid the nest of all the bees, wear the same protective clothing to pull the nest from its host. Carefully wrap the nest with plastic or place in a plastic bag and dispose of it into a garbage can that is away from your house.

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