UNO Game Rules


Uno is a popular card game enjoyed by millions of people the world over. It is fairly easy to play and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. If you want to play Uno, you will need a standard Uno deck of cards. You will also need to be familiar with the proper Uno rules.

Understanding the Cards

  • The standard Uno deck is made up of cards numbered 0-9 with four different colors, and a series of action cards. Some of the action cards have one of the four colors and others are black. The black cards are wild and can be played as the color of the player's choosing. The colored action cards will have one of three action labels---either skip, draw two or reverse.

Dealing Cards

  • To select a dealer, each player will draw a card, and the player with the highest value card will deal. Shuffle the deck of Uno cards and give each player seven cards. Place the remainder of the deck in the center of game play, and flip the top card on the deck face up next to the deck. This face-up card is where players will play cards on their turn.

Game Play

  • To play Uno, the person to the left of the dealer will begin. Game play goes clockwise. Discard a card of your choosing. The card has to match the card that is face up next to the deck by color, number or action. Or, play a wild card and change the color in play to the color of your choosing. If you have no card you can play you can draw a card from the face-down deck.

Playing Action Cards

  • When playing Uno, action cards can be the difference between winning and losing the game in many cases. For this reason, it is important to use them wisely and have a full understanding of how they are played. Use the wild card on any turn to change the deck to the desired color. Use the "wild draw four" to change the deck and require the person whose turn is next to draw four cards from the deck and forfeit a turn. A "draw two" card requires the next player to draw two cards and forfeit a turn. A skip card skips the turn of the next player. A reverse card reverses the order of turns so game play is going counterclockwise instead of clockwise.

Winning Uno

  • When you play Uno the goal is to get rid of your cards. You win when you have no cards left. However, to win you must say "Uno" when you have just one card left in your hand. If you forget to say "Uno" and another player catches you, you have to draw two cards.


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