Natural Kidney Stone Detox Flush


Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salt that build up in your kidneys. According to the Mayo Clinic, concentrated urine, caused by a lack of hydration, leads to minerals that crystallize and grow in size to become a kidney stone. If your kidney stones are small, at-home flushing remedies using water or fruit juices can decrease the passing time for your kidney stones. If pain persists after attempting home remedies, contact your physician immediately.


Increase your water intake to help push the kidney stones through the urinary tract. Kidney stones form because your urine is concentrated. Dilute the urine by drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day. During urination, your urine should be clear or slightly yellow. According to Cynthia Seidman, author of No More Kidney Stones, it is important to only drink distilled water, as it does not contain minerals that exacerbate kidney stones.

Citrus Juices

According to Janet C. Maccaro, author of Natural Health Remedies, cranberry juice is an age-old home remedy that flushes the urinary tract of kidney stones. Although cranberry juice provides Vitamin A, C and low levels of calcium and iron, it is important to limit consumption to 2 glasses a day due the high amount of sugar. One serving of cranberry juice (253g) has 31g of sugar, and 116 calories according to Nutrition Data.

Citrus Juices

Orange juice contains citric acid, which eats away at the kidney stone and allows it to easily pass through. Lemon and lime juice are also highly acidic and can break up the kidney stones when consumed on a daily basis. Orange juice has up to 23g of sugar, and 134 calories per serving (249g). Limit juices to 2 servings a day to reduce high sugar intake.

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