Bee Hive Removal Tips


Removing a bee hive can be dangerous if you do not take the proper removal steps. Bees can also be dangerous if they feel they are threatened and can put an individual into the hospital if he is allergic to them or stung multiple times. Fortunately, with the right preparation and tools, you can safely accomplish a bee hive removal.

Identify the Type of Bee

  • Identify the type of bees before attempting a bee hive removal. Refer to the resources below to help you identify the type of bees. If you have honey bees, you may be able to have a beekeeper take care of your problem free of charge. Honey bees are becoming quite scarce due to colony collapse disorder and this type of bee is essential to the environment. Look in the yellow pages under "beekeepers" or contact the nearest university or college near you and ask someone in the science department or agricultural extension for a referral.

Items Needed for a Bee Hive Removal

  • Retrieve some old clothing that will cover your arms, legs and any other part of your skin that could be exposed if bees try to sting you. Wear a pair of goggles overtop a ski mask to protect your head and face. Put on boots to protect your feet and wear thick gloves on your hands. Take an industrial tape, such as duct tape, and cover all clothing seams to prevent bees from crawling underneath your clothing. Purchase a spray at your local department store that is specific for a bee hive removal. You must purchase a spray that is able to spray several feet. Most bee pest removal sprays will state how far they reach. Read the instructions carefully. Gather a broom that will be used to knock down a bee hive if it is attached to an object, such as a tree branch.

Complete the Task of Removing the Bee Hive

  • To perform a bee hive removal, you must wait until dark. Bees are less active at night and do not move as fast as they do in the daytime. Practice using the bee pest removal spray to get a feel for how it works and how far it is able to spray. Then observe the bee hive with a flashlight. Watch if you see any of the insects flying around. If you do not see any activity then slowly approach the bee hive. Stand at least seven feet away and then begin spraying the pest removal spray onto the hive. Thoroughly saturate the hive and then leave immediately. After half an hour, stand from a distance and watch to see if you see any bees flying around. If you do not then slowly approach the bee hive once again and then spray it with the bee killer heavily. Wait another half an hour then go back to the bee hive and knock it down with the broom. Either stomp on it with your boot or burn it.

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