Ways to Talk to Girls


One of the most difficult parts of trying to meet the right girl is knowing how to talk to her. How do you approach a girl and what do you say? It can be terrifying for even the most experienced man to initiate contact with a woman. Knowing the ways to talk to girls can make it much easier and can lead to more and better dates.

The Approach

  • The most important moment in trying to talk to a girl is the approach. If you don't approach a girl to talk to her, then you will never get a chance to make conversation. It's understandable if you are nervous when approaching a girl you don't know for the first time. What if she ignores you or laughs at you when you approach her? What if she's rude or you say the wrong thing? All of these things have to be lived through. If a girl has caught your eye, watch her. Wait for eye contact. If you make eye contact with her more than once, go say hi to her. The worst she can do is refuse to talk to you. It's slightly embarrassing to be rejected, but girls like confidence. If you walk right up to a girl and say hi, the chances are good that she might be interested in talking back.

Keep it Short

  • Let's say you approached her, said hi, and she said hi back. Now you're talking. This is great. Now what? Well, one of the most important things to do is keep what you have to say short. Ezine Articles states that "Some guys tend to talk forever which normally leads to turning most girls off." This is because girls often like men to have a little mystery, and the more you talk, the more of yourself you are giving away. A man who talks too much also runs the risk of appearing arrogant or self centered. Give only small amounts of yourself away with each bit of conversation. Say what you have to say, and then pause. Give her a chance to respond. This will make you seem mysterious, yet courteous and interested in what she has to say. Don't fake interest though as this is obvious. Be genuinely interested in what she has to say, and nod at what she says often.

Avoid Awkward Silences

  • You must avoid awkward silences like the plague. We've all been there. Talking to somebody new for the first time and you run out of conversation topics. Suddenly, you're both quiet and neither of you can think of a thing to say. This is disastrous and can ruin any conversation with a girl as she'll begin to consider you boring. Silences can be good, and are always a natural part of a conversation. The key to avoiding awkward silences is to know how long to time your silences. This is something that you have to do instinctively. If you are at a bar, time to take a drink and look around the bar briefly should be all the silence you need. Don't push conversation into unnatural areas, but try to explore her interests in depth, while giving away a little bit of your own. If she pushes more into your interests, she's definitely interested in talking more.

Questions to Ask

  • Now that you know how to approach a girl, and how to converse without awkward silences, a list of good conversation questions is appropriate. The Advice on Girls Blog gives a helpful list of questions to ask girls giving the situation you are in at the moment. If you are in class, questions like "what do you think of this class? How well are you doing this semester? What are you plans for the weekend?" are appropriate ice breakers. At the gym, you can ask a girl "how often do you make it to the gym? What is your workout routine? What is your diet like?" These questions help open up great avenues for discussion. Try to avoid questions like "come here often?" or "do you like this place?" These questions require a simple "yes or no" answer and don't open themselves up to more discussion. Questions like "what other bars in town do you enjoy?" or "what do you think of the atmosphere of this bar?" will open up much more detailed conversations.


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