Coconut Oil Detox

Coconut is a natural and healthy cleanse.
Coconut is a natural and healthy cleanse.

With the current popularity of detoxes and cleanses, it can be difficult to find the best formula to maintain vitamins while washing away toxins. Detoxing with coconut oil is a healthy first choice in cleansing options because it is a powerful, safe method full of healthy fatty acids. The properties provide natural energy while detoxifying your system.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that head for the liver instead of straight to body storage where fat is stored. This means it is perfect for a detoxifying cleanse because it provides the energy your body needs while cleansing toxins in body tissue. You can find coconut oil in any health food store.

Conditions for a Coconut Detox

While coconut oil has many healing properties for all conditions, there are four main reasons most people use it:

Candida is a systematic epidemic that has many negative side effects. Because coconut oil does not have any sugar or carbohydrates, it helps the body rid itself of toxins and helps deter sugar cravings.

Fungal infections: Ringworm and jock itch stem from a disequilibrium between a body's natural bacteria and fungi. Coconut oil is an antifungal substance, hence it helps promote a natural fungal growth.

Digestive: When digestive systems are unbalanced, one may experience Irritable Bowl Syndrome or an upset stomach. Coconut oil is beneficial in restoring the system.

Viruses: Viruses can be combated by coconut oil because of its lauric acid properties.

How to Detox with Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is the easiest and most efficient method of detoxing your body. Simply take 2 tbsps. coconut oil to replace food intake in the morning, followed by 1-2 tbsps. for the rest of the day. You can take a maximum of 14 tbsps. per day up to one week. Make sure to drink lots of water.

Use organic, extra-raw virgin coconut oil to ensure maximum healthy properties and benefits. If you dislike coconut oil's tastel, add it to water, yogurt, lemon juice or dissolved sea salt. You may want to make a shake or a drink mixture with water to help it go down smoothly.

Side Effects

Possible side effects that some people experience while using coconut oil as a cleanse for the first time may include headaches or dizziness. This can be avoided by consuming coconut oil each day for a few weeks prior to beginning the detox to help your system become used to the oil and it's properties.

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