What Type of Doctor to Visit for Bleeding Hemorrhoids


If you experience rectal bleeding when it is not linked to trying to pass stools, you should see a doctor immediately. Especially if the bleeding becomes heavy or changes color, bleeding in the rectum can be a sign of serious health problems, or indicative of a hemorrhoid that needs to be treated by a health professional.

Family Doctor

  • Check with your family doctor initially. For most conditions related to bleeding in the anus, and bleeding due to a hemorrhoid, your doctor should be able to treat the condition. For minimum rectal bleeding for those under age 50, you may see if home treatment improves the condition. However, if the condition if not better after 2-3 days, call your family doctor immediately.


  • Your family doctor will refer you to a specialist if further treatment or surgery is necessary. You may be referred to a gastroenterologist or proctologist; or, in the case of surgery, a general or colorectal surgeon. In most cases, your bleeding condition can be treated by your family doctor, though sometimes, surgery is required.

Other Health Practitioners

  • In other environments, you may choose a different kind of health practitioner to see if your situation warrants attention from your family doctor or specialist. Health practitioners such as an internist, nurse practitioner, or obstetrician may be appropriate. They may be able to help in treating the condition or identify the severity of the condition for a proper referral to a family doctor or specialist.


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