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Casio label makers are stand-alone machines with a keypad and printing functions for making labels with self-adhesive backs. Though Casio manufactures several different label maker models, the basic functions of each is the same. Setting up the machines is easy, allowing you to use label maker just a few minutes after unpacking it.

Basic Character Input

Casio label makers use a keypad for entering characters and symbols that is similar to a computer keyboard. Pressing a letter or number on the keypad will enter it on the LCD screen. Like a computer keyboard, pressing the "Shift" button will make a letter uppercase, and pressing the "Caps" button will make all letters uppercase until you press the "Caps" button again. To delete a character, press the "BS" button. One difference of Casio label makers is they don't have an "Enter" key to place text on the next line. In its place is the "Set" key, which has a symbol of an arrow bent at a right angle on it.


Users making labels often are writing short phrases and not grammatically correct sentences. Because of this, the Casio label maker keypad conserves space by excluding punctuation marks. To enter punctuation on your labels, press the "Symbol" button. The punctuation marks will show up on the LCD screen for you to choose. Press the right and left arrow buttons to select the punctuation mark and press the "Set" button to enter it on your label.

Text Effects

Casio label makers support several different text effects for your printed out labels. To change the size of the text on a label, press the "Size" button and use the left and right arrow buttons to adjust the size. In addition to changing the size, you can add effects to the text such as underline, shading and a box around the text. To add an effect, press the "Effect" button and use the right and left arrow buttons to select the effect displayed on the LCD screen. Press "Set" to save the effect.


When you finish inputting the text, press the "Print" button to print your label. The label will come out of the back of the machine. Press down on the "Cutter" button to snip off the label. Do not press hard on the button as it may damage the metal cutting edge in the label maker. If you prefer a lighter or darker printout for your label, press the "Func" button and then the "Size" button. Casio label makers have three print density settings. The default is 3. Press the right arrow button to increase the density or the left button to decrease the density. When selected, press "Set" to save your setting.

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