Products to Make Hair Shine

Environmental pollutants, weather and frequent washing can take a toll on hair. Over time, hair begins to look faded and dull. By using products found in drugstores or professional hair salons, you can restore your hair's natural luster and shine. If you're on a tight budget, you can make your own hair products that work just as well as professional ones.

  1. Clarifying Shampoos and Conditioners

    • Buildup from products such as gel, mousse and hair spray makes hair look dull and lifeless. By using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner every few weeks, sticky, heavy product residue is removed from hair follicles, making your hair look shiny and soft. If your hair is color-treated, be careful when using clarifying shampoos and conditioners as these products sometimes strip color from hair follicles.

    Styling Products

    • There are many hair styling products such as sprays, gels, serums and mousses that boost the natural shine in hair. Use products that contain silk amino acids, which repair hair structure and restore texture. If you color or highlight your hair, hair color has a tendency to fade over time. For rich, glossy-looking color-treated hair, it's important to use shine-enhancing styling products (specifically designed for hair that's been colored/highlighted). Avoid alcohol-based products because alcohol dries hair, and loss of moisture makes hair appear brittle and flat.

    Homemade Hair Remedies

    • Use natural products such as avocado to create homemade hair masks. Mash soft avocado with 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair, leave on for 20 minutes and then shampoo. Avocados, olive oil and honey are full of natural proteins and vitamins that add shine and softness to hair. For extra shine, fill a spray bottle with fresh lemon juice and lightly mist over damp hair. Another trick for shiny hair: rinse hair with cold water. Cold water closes hair cuticles, creating a shiny, silky appearance.

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