Tips on Dating in High School


For many teenagers, dating in high school is just as common as going to class or doing homework. While some students avoid the dating scene until college, many start dating during their late middle school or early high school years. If you are a teen who is contemplating beginning a relationship or are already dating, follow these tips to enjoy a safe and pleasant relationship.

Be Yourself

  • Don't change for anyone. The high school years are a time for self-discovery. Allow yourself to find out who you are, what your interests are and what kind of person you want to become. If the girl of your dreams wanders into your life and tries to turn you into someone you're not, she's not the girl for you. If someone really wants to be with you, they'll want to be with you because of who you are, not who you're able to become.

Common Interests

  • Find someone with whom you have common interests. The term opposites attract may not always be true, especially during high school. Find someone who has a lot of the same interests. Not only will it allow you to have extra curricular activities together, but it will also give you tons to talk about.


  • Save time for your friends. One of the biggest mistakes that high school students and even adults make when dating is not spending time with their friends. Remember that most high school relationships don't last forever, and 20 years from now, your best friend in high school is much more likely to be around than your high school boyfriend. Don't alienate the people who have been important to you for your current boyfriend. Don't be afraid to spend a weekend hanging out with your friends, and encourage your date to do the same.


  • Don't gain a reputation. While it may seem like a good idea to "play the field" and date around in order to find the right person, be careful. Dating too many people can label you as the kind of person who just jumps from person to person. Nobody wants to feel like they're just another name on your list, and people are much more likely to shy away from you if they think you're just going to date them for a few days and then disappear.


  • Include your parents in what is going on in your life. Parents are much more likely to trust you if you're open and honest about what is going on in your life. Until you become an adult and move out of their house, they are still responsible for you. Being secretive is a great way to lose their trust. Include them and ask for their advice, and they'll most likely be more willing to give you a little independence.


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