Homemade Fairy Wings


Many costumes require wings in some form. Although professional costume sources supply wings of various sizes, it is possible to make homemade fairy wings at a smaller cost. Simple wings cut from paper or poster board offer a quick solution. Fabric, glitter, feathers, sequins and boas might be featured on more elaborate homemade fairy wings.

Quick Solutions

  • A fast solution for homemade fairy wings involves simple poster board. Cut out wing shapes from two sheets of poster board and join together in the center with duct tape. Spraypaint the poster board and tape the desired color. Embellish by gluing craft glitter, artificial gemstones, feathers or ribbon on to the poster board.

    Make a pair of wings from a paper grocery sack. Cut the sack open on one side and around the bottom edges so the sack lies flat like a large piece of paper. Fold the paper in half and draw the shape of one wing. Make sure the smallest side of the wing is along the fold as shown in the illustration. Cut out the wings, leaving the fold intact. Open up the folded wings and decorate with crayons, paint, ribbon or stickers.

    Both of these wings can be attached to the back of a costume with large safety pins.

Fabric Wings

  • Create fabric wings by cutting off the legs off of a pair of pantyhose. Cut away the foot of each pantyhose leg. Take a 4-foot length of 9-gauge aluminum wire and connect the two ends of the wire together with duct tape to make a circle. Bring the opposite sides of the wire circle together to form a pair of wings and secure at the center with duct tape as shown in the illustration. Pull one pantyhose leg over each wing and secure in the center with duct tape. The excess pantyhose will extend over the end of each wing. Stretch the excess pantyhose around the back of the wings to the center. Wrap another layer of duct tape around the center of the wings, catching the pantyhose ends under the tape.

    Conceal the duct tape by wrapping 3-inch wide satin ribbon over top of the tape and stitching to secure the ribbon in place. Two loops of elastic will serve as shoulder straps for the wings. Measure to see how much elastic is required for the individual who will wear the costume. You will need enough elastic so the wearer can comfortably pull the elastic under the arms and over her shoulders. Sew these two elastic loops to the center ribbon on the underside of the wings. Embellish the wings with paint, glitter and sequins.


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