Human Heart Science Projects

The human heart is the most amazing muscle in our bodies. It keeps the blood flowing to our cells and keeps us functioning efficiently. Students of all ages can begin to explore the human heart through projects and lessons designed to help them see the anatomy and function of this complex muscle.

  1. Elemetary School Projects

    • Elementary students can make models of the human heart as well as learn the things that might affect the heart. Students can track their heartbeat throughout the day to see which activities cause the heart to beat faster. Is there anything that you can eat or drink that causes the heart to beat faster, such as caffeine or chocolate? Explain how you can improve heart health by exercising. Compare several active video games such as Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution to see which raises the heartbeat the most. Does it raise it enough to be considered an aerobic form of exercise?

    Middle School Projects

    • Middle school students should already know the anatomy and function of the heart. They can start to study factors that affect heart rate, pulse and blood pressure. One example would be exploring gender and age to see if they have any affect on blood pressure and heart rate. Another would be testing if athletes have a faster recovery rate from exertion than non-athletes. Other questions to explore include: Can temperature affect your blood pressure? Can your body position affect your heart rate?

    High School Projects

    • High school students can build a functioning human heart model. Other ideas include exploring the role of body mass index in the heart rate. Does age have more of an effect than BMI? Students can explore the elasticity of blood vessels using rubber tubing and simulating blood flow restrictions with clamps. Using test subjects with known vascular problems such as smokers and diabetics, determine if cold or heat can affect blood flow to the extremities. Can a person control his own heartbeat? Does listening to the sound of another heartbeat affect your own? What other factors, such as fast music, fear, bright lights or stress, can influence heart rate?

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