Nero Tutorial

Nero is an all-in-one disc burning software program that offers multiple projects for computer burning drives. The program features more than 10 different applications all organized into the "Nero Start smart" screen. With all of the different application and disc types, it may be confusing to use the program at first. Breaking down the different disc types and programs will make Nero a lot easier to use and the go-to program for disc needs.

  1. Video and Picture Discs

    • Multimedia discs featuring videos and photos can easily be created using Nero Vision. Click on the "Create Your Own DVD-Video" icon under the "Photo/Video" section of the program. A new project will automatically load in Nero Vision. Drag and drop the video files you want to use in the project. After analyzing the videos, a meter at the bottom of the program will show how full the disc is. Click the "Create a Slideshow" icon to import photos and add animations to a DVD project. Edit in custom menus featuring different fonts and pictures. Insert a blank disc and press the "Burn" icon to start the burning process.


    • Audio discs can be created for both CDs and DVDs. Using Nero Burning Rom, you can create multiple types of discs depending on their use. A standard audio CD features a file browser for easy access to music files. An MP3 CD or DVD can hold hundreds of songs and play in MP3-enabled players. A Nero Digital audio disc is a specialized disc that offers the best audio options and holds hundreds of titles as well. All audio discs burn quickly and are compatible with multiple formats including MP3, WMV and WAV files.

    Data Discs

    • Burn files, programs and pictures using a data disc. A data disc is a great way to transfer files to another computer or burn files for somebody else to use. Any type of file can be burned to the disc including word documents, programs, system files and even music that you just want transferred. Drag and drop the files into the project or use the file browser to scroll through the files. Create new folders within the project by right-clicking and choosing "New Folder." This will provide better organization on the disc.

    Back-up Discs

    • Back up important hard drive information by using Nero's Back It Up! program. Choose manual folders you want to back up or use the program's Back-Up Wizard to automatically create a back-up of the whole hard drive. A complete computer backup requires around 10 DVD discs. It is not recommended that CD discs are used because that will require nearly 50 discs depending on the hard drive size. Do not use the computer during this process because it could delay or mess up the backup.


    • While using Nero, several errors could occur. One of the most common errors is not using a proper DVD-R disc. Check with your computer's manual to see what of type of discs are compatible with the DVD burner. Check the disc speed compatibility as well, because burning a disc too fast will create potential errors. If the computer does not have enough hard drive space, the program may be unable to burn the disc because it creates temporary files to burn the data easily. Nero may freeze up if too many other programs are running and Nero cannot process the data. Exit out of other programs and leave the computer alone while burning.

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