Free Online 2nd Grade Learning Games


In the second grade, pupils hone important skills. From reading and spelling to addition and subtraction, the skills children master at this age will serve them for the rest of their lives. Free online games are a great way to entice children to spend some of their free time on educational activities.

Game Goo

  • Game Goo at is a collection of fun reading and writing games. The games are available in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. The intermediate category is suitable for most second graders, but the diversity of this site allows children to go back and build up more basic skills or move ahead to move advanced games. In the intermediate level you will find Alien Scavenger Hunt Letter Bugs, wherein players capture bugs with the correct letters to spell out a given word. Also in this level is Monkey Business, wherein players must place words and phrases in the correct order to form a sentence.

Academic Skill Builders

  • Academic Skill Builders offers several excellent math games. Alien Addition and Minus Mission are ideal for helping second graders hone their addition and subtraction skills. In each game, a laser is placed at the bottom of the screen with a number in it. In Alien Addition, UFOs are slowing descending from the sky, each with as addition problem inside. The player must hit the UFO containing the math problem that matches up with the number loaded in the laser. Minus Mission is played in the same way: slime blobs fall from the sky with subtraction problems inside them. Advanced students can also play multiplication, division, fraction, and ratio games at this site.

Time Travel: Learn to Tell Time!

  • Time Travel: Learn to Tell Time! has four levels of increasing difficulty. Players can choose from a digital or analog clock for each level. Players will then be asked to match their clock with the time shown at the bottom of the screen. As the levels progress, players are taken from the age of cavemen through to futuristic space travel. This game is especially useful for learning to read an analog clock, which can be difficult for many students.

Piggy Bank

  • Piggy Bank is an interactive game in which children practice counting money. Coins of varying value fall into a grid displayed on the page. Beside the grid is a piggy bank asking for a specific amount of change. The player must click on the coins needed to make the required value before the grid fills up completely. This game has both an easy and hard level.

Nutrition Explorations

  • The Nutrition Explorations site offers several distinct games that are designed to help children explore and understand the importance of good nutrition and healthy food choices. The games in Arianna's Expedition are best suited to players at the second-grade level. In Combo Kitchen, players must identify combination foods from a selection of dishes, then analyze the components of each meal. In nutrition mixer, the player is given a grid of several food choices that must be placed in the correct food group. The player then decides how many daily servings are needed of each. Quintpicious is a Tetris-like game, wherein the player must position falling items on top of foods in the same group to make the foods disappear.


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