Home Remedies for Male Yeast Infection With Vinegar


A yeast infection, or candidiasis, is an infection of the skin caused by the rapid growth of the fungus Candida. This yeast is part of our normal flora and is only noticeable when the system becomes imbalanced, leading to concentrated growth in moist, dark areas. While it is well known that women suffer from vaginal yeast infections, it comes as a surprise to discover that men are susceptible as well. The most frequent method of transmission is through direct sexual contact with an infected female. While the infection can be uncomfortable, luckily, it is not difficult to treat.


Indications of a yeast infection are similar in both men and women, though in men they can be much easier to see. The most obvious symptom is an itchy red rash combined with a burning sensation near the head of the penis. A white, lumpy discharge is also common and no cause for alarm; though if you are not certain it is a yeast infection at the root of the symptoms, it is best to see a medical health care professional for a complete evaluation.


If you have a yeast infection, odds are good the pH of your skin is a bit off; otherwise the fungus would not be flourishing. One of the simplest remedies for this situation involves the application of a dilute acid, such as common household vinegar, to the affected area. Not only will this kill the living yeast, it will help bring the pH of the skin back in balance. To make a vinegar treatment, simply combine one tablespoon of vinegar and one quart of warm water. Using a clean cloth, sponge the mixture liberally over any areas of visible infection and then allow the treatment to air dry. Repeat the application two to four times a day until the rash has disappeared. If the rash does not show signs of improvement within seven days, or if it seems to be getting worse rather than better at any point, discontinue self care and seek professional medical attention.


Once the rash has cleared up, it is unnecessary to continue treatments. However, you should take the following steps to prevent re-infection: do not engage in unprotected sex with a woman who may be currently suffering from a yeast infection, wash your hands thoroughly as well as any toys which may be been exposed during intercourse, and wear freshly laundered undergarments each day.

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