Sinking of the Titanic Board Game Rules


Combine freezing temperatures, icebergs, too few lifeboats and what do you have? A board game called "The Sinking of the Titanic." The first player to collect two passengers along with two food and water tokens for each and to climbs aboard the rescue ship wins. The game consists of two flat playing boards connected by metal posts, playing pieces that represent the represent the ship's officers, food and water tokens, passenger cards, sea and island adventure cards, lifeboats and dice. Because the game is complicated, it is probably suitable for adults and children age 12 and above.

Starting the Game

  • Each player takes a turn at rolling the dice and moving their playing pieces, called "ship's officers." After each player has had one turn, the ship begins sinking when a one or six is rolled on the dice. Each time a one or six is rolled, the Titanic, which has six water line marks, sinks one mark. When both dice show either a one or a six, the boat sinks two marks.

    Players move their ship's officers along passageways in an attempt to get to numbered staterooms, water spaces are marked with green dots and food spaces marked with blue dots. A player gets through a bulkhead only when doubles are rolled. Diagonal moves are not allowed; a turn cannot end on a space shared with another player; a player can move fewer spaces than the number rolled on the dice.

Passenger Rescue Cards

  • Players rescue passengers by drawing passenger cards marked with numbers corresponding to state room numbers. A playing piece is moved along the passageways until reaching the stateroom indicated on the card, only entering through the entryway. If the stateroom number on the passenger card is already below the water line or goes below the water line before the ship's officer reaches the stateroom, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck and a new card is drawn on the player's next turn.

Abandoning Ship

  • Players can give up moving toward a stateroom and instead go to a lifeboat by returning the passenger card for that stateroom to the bottom of the deck and rolling the dice to move toward a lifeboat. Lifeboats, which can only be occupied by one player, are launched on the player's next turn. Occupied lifeboats go straight to Island #1, and empty lifeboats go to Island #2. One lifeboat is launched each time the ship sinks deeper into the water. A player must move his playing piece to the lifeboat launching area when the Titanic sinks below a mark on a space that he occupies, or if the last lifeboat has been launched. Any passenger cards or tokens must be returned.

In the Sea

  • Players in the sea must swim to an island in order to get a lifeboat. Players advance to islands throwing die and then moving vertically or horizontally. Swimming players still roll dice to try to sink the Titanic, but cannot collect tokens or passenger cards until they have gotten to the island where they can get on a lifeboat.

    After players are safely aboard lifeboats, they can draw Sea Adventure cards if they roll a one; if a one is rolled on both dice, the player may draw two cards. Island Adventure cards are drawn when a player lands on an island, and the directions on the card must be followed. A player may demand another player's tokens or passenger cards when landing on the same space that is occupied by another player. When the white arrow on the Titanic is below the water, the rescue ship starts to rise above the water line and continues until the Titanic sinks completely.

Winning the game

  • The game is won when a player enters the rescue ship on any of the 12 green spaces after the rescue ship is entirely above the water line. To win, the player must have two water and two food tokens and at least two passenger cards. Players can only board the rescue ship by rolling the exact number of spaces.


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