Troubleshooting a Sharp LCD Projector


Sharp LCD projectors can project media from several different devices, such as computers or DVD players. The projectors have three indicator lights built into the machine that notify you when there are operating problems. Understanding the meaning of the indicator lights will help you troubleshoot and fix the machine when problems arise.

Power Indicator

  • The power indicator light on Sharp LCD projectors will light up and remain solid when the projector is plugged in and the power switch is set to "On." If the light does not turn on, check that the plug is secure in a working power outlet and that the projector is switched to "On."

    Another function of the power indicator light is to let you know when the filter cover is open or the lens cover is not properly installed. The indicator will blink if there is a problem with one of these two pieces of the projector. If the power indicator light blinks, check the filter cover and close it if it is not seated properly on the projector. The filter is located on the front of the machine behind the slotted piece of plastic. The cover is removed by lifting it up from the bottom. Replace the filter cover by inserting the tabs on the top of the cover into the holes in the machine and pressing down on the cover.

    The lens cover is the square piece of plastic that sits around the lens on the front of the projector. The cover should snap into place. If you notice part of the cover is loose, press down on it until you hear a click.

Lamp Indicator Lights

  • Sharp LCD projectors have two lamps and two lamp light indicators named "Lamp1" and "Lamp2." If either of the indicator lights is lit, the corresponding lamp will not light up or the lamp has been used for over 900 hours. No matter what the reason for the indicator coming on, the lamps should be replaced when the light comes on.

    To replace a lamp, remove the lamp cage cover and the lamp cage from inside the projector. Close the lamp cage cover and turn on the projector. Press the "Enter" button to reset the lamp counter for the lamp. Turn off the projector and remove the lamp cage cover again. Insert the new lamp cage and replace the cover to finish the lamp replacement.

    Do not overuse a lamp as it may shatter inside the projector, causing damage to the machine.

Temperature Indicator

  • The temperature indicator light warns you when the temperature inside the projector is significantly higher than normal. When the temperature indicator light comes on, check for vent obstructions. If something is blocking the vent, move the obstruction or the projector.

    Next, check if the air filter is clogged. After a long period of use, the air filter may become dirty and hinder the air flow through the projector. Change the filter by lifting off the front filter cover, pulling out the filter and placing a new filter in its place. Place the air filter cover once the new air filter is in place.

    If you do not hear the cooling fan running, it may have broken down. Contact a service technician to repair the fan.

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